If you have previously created a field within SharePortals, or wish to utilise a field which was created automatically, currently you will have to configure this directly within SharePoint. You may for example create a number of similar entities which share the same type of field, but all contain unique information.

1. Within Advanced Entity Management (Content type gallery), find your entity in the list and click its name. If the entity was generated by SharePortals during installation or within the *Entity Management *screen, the entity name will start with the word SharePortals.

2. Click Add site column then click Add from existing site columns which should open a screen similar to below.

3. Change the Category from All Categories to Betasoft SharePortals Columns, then select one or more site columns from this category to add to your entity.

4. Ensure you tick the box at the bottom Update all site and list content types inheriting from this content type with the settings on this page.. This ensures the associated entity Document Library is updated with these new site columns.


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