A typical SharePortals customisation effort starts with an existing template that was chosen during the installation phase. From there you can:

  1. Change existing Record Types (details here)
  2. Add new Record Types (details here)
  3. Configure relationships between record types (details here)
  4. Configure the SharePortals Navigation bar with menu and sub-menu items (details here)
  5. Modify the Application Theme, by changing the colour scheme, adding a logo or modifying the wallpaper image (details here)
  6. Import data for each record type (details here)
  7. Create SharePortals Status Workflows (details here)
  8. Connect Microsoft Power Automate Flows to records (details here)

Status Workflows
Status workflows are automations that change status fields of records or create entirely new records of different types from data stored in the record from where it was launched.

Power Automate Flows
Power Automate flows are designed in the Microsoft Power Automate editor and are initiated via HTTP Requests. Each request is accompanied by the record ID, which is then used to retrieve relevant record data from SharePortals/SharePoint to be used in the flow configuration.


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