To create a new record type go to Applications Settings and then select Record Management. On the left hand side of the screen select Create New Record Type.

Record Type versus Record Container

Here we have a choice of creating a new record type in its own container or to add a new record type to an existing container. Record types created in the same container are ultimately stored in the same SharePoint Library. There are a number of reasons why record types should share a common container:

  1. All records in a given container share the same security context.
  2. Record types have common fields, but also unique ones.
  3. Relationships between records are strictly speaking configured between containers and not record types. This can reduce the number of relationships that need to be configured for each record, which in turn reduces clutter in the record details view.
  4. Records of types that share a common container can also be shown in the same list.
  5. Records of different types that share a common container can be imported using the same import source file and process.

Typical examples of record types that could share a common containers are:

  • Client and Supplier Contacts
  • End-User and Partner Accounts
  • Services and Product Sale Opportunity

The image below shows the configuration options for both creating a new record type in a new container and creating a new record type in an existing container. If Existing Container is selected the user must chose from a list of existing containers. If New Container is selected the name of the new container must be provided:

Function Description
Container Name This is the name which will appear in the main navigation bar at the top when accessing the entity e.g Contacts. Typically the record plural.
Container Description This optionally describes the container within SharePoint for reference. It is not displayed within SharePortals.
Add this entity to the navigation Used to add to the purple bar at the top of the SharePortals interface without an additional configuration step.
Record Type Name The name entered here will be displayed on the ‘Add’ button when creating a new record, and will set the primary ‘Title’ field e.g Contact. Typically the singular instance of a record.
Base Template This setting defines if a new record type inherits fields from another Record Type or starts with a blank template.

Selecting OK after completing the required fields will create a new SharePortals Record Type. If the Add this record type to the navigation was ticked the main menu bar at the top will now show an entry with the new container type.

Click on the newly created record type to show the field settings area. Here you can add and modify record fields.

For further help with these steps please refer to:
Customise Record Types


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