This button links to a new tab which shortcuts to the management of all record types within the underlying SharePoint site associated with the SharePortals instance.

SharePortals Site Column Groups

When SharePortals is provisioned and creates a new SharePoint site, part of the process creates a number of additional site columns automatically. These are split in to two site column groups:

1. Betasoft SharePortals Columns: Non critical site columns used by the content types created during provisioning e.g Company Name, Main Number etc
2. Betasoft SharePortals Core Columns: Critical site columns which should never be modified under strict guidance, as changes to these fields may cause the SharePortals interface to behave in unexpected ways e.g SPTitle

Some advanced capabilities require a good knowledge of SharePoint and are not exposed within our administration screens or links to SharePoint. For example, reordering the order of fields within a record type, document tagging etc. We try to cover as many of these scenarios as possible within the How To section.

Last Modified: 2022/03/24


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