When adding a new Record to a Record Type, by default a modal dialog box will appear to populate the relevant Record title value. In some cases it is preferable to not have the user prompted to enter a name, and instead automatically generate a unique reference in to the Records primary title field (SPTitle).

To set this perform the following steps:

1. Click the New button.

2. For the Record Type dropdown, select your target Record type.

3. Within Prefix, enter characters which will precede the unique ID value. For example BSOFT or JS

4. Verify the change by creating a new record. In this example clicking to create a new Lead automatically generates a Record with a Lead Title value. As can be seen from the example, the prefix has been added and the suffix of the UID utilises the SharePoint ID value, which in this case is 22.

Last Modified: 2022/03/24


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