A Kanban view is a special type of view that organises your records in columns or buckets based on a status field specified by you during the view setup. Kanban Views allow you to drag records between buckets, which in turn update their status field. Each bucket header can show a summary figure that you can configure from one of the record fields. Once Kanban is selected the Views selector will allow you to chose from one of the available Kanban views, if there is more than one.

For the Kanban option to be available for a view the record is required to have a Choice Field and the view to be enabled must use the Sort function utilising the choice field. To show a total of a field for all records in the header of a bucket a bucket a numerical field must be added to the list of visible View columns and also be selected as Sum in the View’s Totals configuration section.

The following steps are required to enable a Kanban option for a view:

  1. If no Choice Field exist for the Record Type create one through the SharePortals | Application Settings | Record Management interface: Find details here!
  2. From the SharePortals list view to be Kanban-enabled select ‘View | Edit Current View’
  3. Enable ‘Group By’ in the View settings and select the relevant choice field from the drop-down: ‘First group by the column’.
  4. Save the changes and return to the SharePortals browser tab and refresh the page. The ‘List | Kanban’ selector will now be visible.

Enabling a Totals field for Kanban bucket headers:

  1. From the SharePortals list view to be Kanban-enabled select ‘View | Edit Current View’
  2. On the Sharepoint Edit View settings page select ‘Display’ for the field to be summarised to add it to the view as a column.
  3. Scroll down to locate the ‘Totals’ section. Find the column to be summarised and then change the drop down next to it from ‘None’ to ‘Sum’.
  4. Save your settings and return to the SharePortals list.
  5. Refresh the page

Your new Kanban view will now be available from the list of views.


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