Every Entity within SharePortals has as configuration which determines what types of Content are available when a new Record is added.

By default, any Entities created during installation will include all Content options – Activity (Recently Added), Document, Emails, Notes, Tasks, Calls.

Any custom Entities created within Entity Management will not include Notes and Calls by default, but will include Recently Added, Documents, and Emails which are not configurable.

Configure Content Tabs for Custom Entity

1. You should see an expanded list of all Entities within the system, and their configuration for tabs. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the newest Entities.

2. New Entities will have no tab configuration yet, so click Enable Tab to add one.

3. Click Entity Sub Type and select from one of the options available such as SharePortals Note.

4. Give the tab a meaningful name e.g Note Log

5. Specify the order for the tab. If this is your first tab enter 1.

6. Optionally click Add Field to Tab to allow configuration of the order of the Fields associated with this type of content, or leave as default.

7. Click Save, and verify the change has applied by opening a sample Record within the Entity.

Last Modified: 2021/09/21


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