The SharePortals for Outlook Add-in offers a convenient mechanism to synchronise Outlook with your SharePortals solution. Using the add-in you can create a new Contact or any type of record that is related to a Contact in your solution and then save emails and their attachments against those records. If the record already exists you can save emails and attachments against the Contact or related records.

This is an example of how the Outlook Add-in appears when the email received is from a contact already in your SharePortals solution:

  1. Search SharePortals Contact list for record with matching email address or Contacts with matching email domains
  2. Create a new Contact record
  3. Open Contact in Add-in
  4. Save Email and attachments to selected Contact Record.
  5. Open Contact in Add-in
  6. Open Contact in full browser Web Interface
  7. Expand Contact Card to show additional contact details
  8. Main Menu access


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