Prior to running the installation of SharePortals please ensure you have the following:

1. Access to a SharePoint or Global Admin Office 365 user account.
2. Office 365 licensing which includes a SharePoint Online plan for the user account.
3. If using document tagging / managed meta data to classify documents, term store administration access.


1. To install go to You will be asked to sign in with the account for the Office 365 tenant you want to install SharePortals in to.

Once signed in, the app will request permission to read your user profile information so we can check if you already have any SharePortal instances. If not you should see the following screen:

2. Click continue, and you will be prompted for your company name. You can optionally begin the installation process at this stage, or select advanced installation options which are:

- Site Title: When the install starts it will create a new SharePoint site within your own Office 365 tenant with this name for storing all your app data.
- Site URL: This is used to create part of the SharePoint site URL which should be the same as the Site Title unless you prefer something else.
- Region: Select the region for an Azure data centre where the SharePortals app is running. By default this is a UK instance.
- Data Model: By default we provide a structure for a generic Contact Management environment.

3. The provisioning process usually takes 3-5 minutes as it creates a new site, all the data types and containers etc, and installs part of the SharePortals application in your site. Once this is done, you’re ready to go! each time you want to access your SharePortals instance you can either:

- Click Login on our SharePortals Website which will redirect you to our application
- Go to our application directly
- Bookmark your dashboard page once you’ve loaded the application

If you would like multiple instance of SharePortals, See: New SharePortals Instance

Last Modified: 2022/07/05


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