You can open any SharePortals entity record for viewing or editing by clicking the hyperlinked text in the first displayed column.

Opening a record

You can also click on any other part of the listed record to enable the Actions dropdown on the right hand side:

The highlighted record showing the vertical ellipsis button

Opening the record will take you to its overview:

The entity record overview

The overview page is comprised of several different sections:

  • Record information (left of overview page): this displays the title of the current record, and a list of its data fields.
  • Quick Actions (middle-top of overview page): this provides the user with a list of relevant actions for the Record Type, e.g. viewing the record list directly in SharePoint, modifying SharePoint permissions for the current list, or Google and LinkedIn search buttons for contacts and accounts.
  • Related Records (middle-bottom of overview page)
  • Related Items (right of overview page)

We will take you through all of these sections in detail later in the manual, however for the moment we’ll concentrate on the Record information section, as that is the area where you can edit the individual data fields of a record.

Record information for a Contact

Each data field in the SharePoint site content type for the relevant record can be edited here.


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