Within App Settings, click Entity Management:

Within this screen you can make the following changes:

Function Description
Create new Entity Creates a new entity & initial record type when adding a new record
Create new List This opens a new tab to Microsoft Lists which then requires the user to select the underling SharePoint site during list creation
Advanced Entity Management This opens a new tab to the related SharePoint site where you can manage all system entities, add / modify / delete fields, and associate existing fields to an entity
Update Entity Name Changes the name of the button when adding a new item on the entity record list screen
Update Field Modify an existing fields name, or whether it is a required field or not during saving. Base fields such as title and owner cannot be modified
Update Field (advanced) Opens a new tab to the configuration of the field within SharePoint, which changes various additional settings not exposed within SharePortals
Delete field Delete an existing field, other than base fields which cannot be deleted
New field Create a new field specifying a name, type of field, and whether it is required or not


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