The SharePortals interface allows you to generate new Fields against a Record Type with a few basic options, however you may want to create a Field (Site Column) through SharePoint directly.

The following is a list of Fields which can be created within SharePortals, and the additional SharePoint site column equivalents:

SharePortals Standard Fields SharePoint Site Columns
Text Single line of text
Note Multiple lines of text
DateTime Date and Time
Number Number
Currency Currency
User Person or Group
Choice Choice
Managed Metadata

Add an Advanced Field Type to a Record Type

1. Within Advanced Record Type Management (Content type gallery), find your Record Type in the list and click its name. If the record type was generated by SharePortals during installation or within the *Record Type Management *screen, the record type name will start with the word SharePortals.

2. Click Add site column then click Create new site column which should open a screen similar to below.

3. Enter a name for the site column, an optional description, and ensure the Category is set to Betasoft SharePortals Column as shown below.

4. Select from the list of column types, and depending on your selection you will have a number of additional options from those available within SharePortals. For example, for a currency field you will be presented with the following additional options:

5. Click More Options to see additional settings and optionally configure.


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