By default, most installations will default to a US regional setting for a new instance regardless of which SharePortals app was selected during installation. This is because the associated backend SharePoint site is configured to US, but this can be easily changed within the SharePoint settings.

When clicking Regional Settings a new tab will be opened to the SharePoint configuration settings. When all changes are made and saved, the SharePoint tab should be closed and the administrator should return to the SharePortals interface.

Below are the settings which can be changed with a description of their impact within SharePortals. Most of the settings can be ignored below the first 2 settings unless the administrator is interested in viewing SharePortals content in SharePoint:

Setting Description
Time Zone Used to determine timestamps for when content has been created or modified
Region – Locale Determines how numbers, currencies, and dates are formatted
Region – Sort Order Usually left at General by default
Region – Set Your Calendar Usually left as Gregorian by default
Region – Enable An Alternative Calendar Usually left as None by default
Define Your Work Week Not used by SharePortals and usually left with defaults
Time Format Not used by SharePortals and usually left with default 12 Hour

Last Modified: 2021/09/17


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