When a template is selected during SharePortals installation such as CRM, a number of default SharePortals workflows are generated as part of the SharePortals configuration.

These default Workflows are created to do the following:

1. For Entities with only Active / Inactive as the Record Status such as Contacts, Accounts, and Order, Workflow buttons are used to change the Status.
2. For the Leads Entity, instead of Active / Inactive, the wording is changed to Unqualified / Qualified.
3. For the Opportunities Entity, there are a number of other Status options set by Workflow – In Progress, Cancelled, Outsold, Won, Other

The Workflows configured for Leads and Opportunities, there are also a few other rules created depending on the Status value:

Lead Status Changed from Unqualified to Qualified

1. A Contact Entity Record is created by copying some Field data from the Lead to the new Contact Entity Record
2. An Account Entity Record is created by coping some Field data from the Lead to the new Account Entity Record
3. An Opportunity Entity Record is created by coping the Lead name and description to the new Opportunity Entity Record
4. All new Entity Records are linked together as related records
5. The user is redirected to the Opportunity Entity Record

Opportunity Status Changed from In Progress to Won

1. An Order Entity Record is created by copying some Field data from the Opportunity to the Order Entity Record
2. The Account Entity Record associated with the Opportunity is now also associated with the Order Entity Record
3. The user is redirected to the Order Entity Record

Making a Workflow Change

In this example, we will make a small change to the Opportunity Won Workflow by changing it’s button name.

1. Open app settings:

2. Click SharePortals Workflows:

3. In the list of Workflows, find Opportunity Won and click on the name of the Workflow to expand it:

4. Change the value of the field Workflow Action Title from Won to Convert to Order:

5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.

6. Click Opportunities, open an Opportunity Record, ensure all required Fields on the left of the screen are populated, and you should see the option to run this Workflow with the button name updated:

Last Modified: 2021/09/21


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