The SharePortals Microsoft partner opportunity

Add SharePortals to your solution set to offer more value and add another revenue stream.

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Why Microsoft partners work with us

Provide your clients with an easy way to leverage Office 365 licensing, and drive consumption of Microsoft services

Perfect for when Dynamics is too much

SharePortals is the simpler choice when customers don’t have the budget or the requirement for Dynamics based CRM.

Sell CRM as part of your Office 365 offer

Use SharePortals to support sales of Office 365 and SharePoint online and differentiate your Microsoft partner business.

Grow revenue and margins

Add an additional monthly income stream providing predictable, steady earnings that boost your business cash flow.

Cross-sell to your existing customers

Re-ignite conversations and establish new dialogues with existing customers and decision makers to drive sales.

Get started with the SharePortals Microsoft partner opportunity

Advantage SharePortals partners!

The SharePortals Partner Program has been developed for existing Microsoft partners such as Microsoft CSP Resellers, Distribution Partners and ISV Partners.

Every business needs to manage customers. Start-ups and smaller, growing businesses often find Dynamics too costly, intimidating, or simply over the top. They frequently stick with spreadsheets or go with a 3rd party CRM, despite drawbacks like manual work arounds resulting from limited or no integration or customisations

Partnering with Betasoft SharePortals adds another string to your bow, enabling partners to offer lower cost entry level CRM as part of any new Office 365 and SharePoint Online deal. The Microsoft partner ecosystem is competitive, so partnering with Betasoft SharePortals provides an excellent way of providing standout in a crowded marketplace.

Adding Betasoft SharePortals to your solution set provides the opportunity to drive the growth of your business. Betasoft SharePortals’ deals provide you with a very useful additional monthly income stream to increase profitability. As well as differentiating your offer when negotiating new deals, Betasoft SharePortals’ low cost, entry level CRM gives you the perfect reason to talk to your existing customers about the choice of CRM in their businesses.

To sign up as a partner or get more information, simply contact us.