Everything. There are no limitations on the use of the product.

There are no hidden costs for the use of SharePortals. All you need is Microsoft SharePoint 365 licensing. If you require help with getting started then there is the option to buy a start-up pack to get you up and running. If you like ongoing support there are three levels of annual support available: Basic, Standard & Managed Service.For organisations who desire services which are handled through the Professional tier, there is also an option to bundle our professional services for a monthly entitlement. This could be for providing a managed service to make any changes on an on-going basis, building and managing Power Automate workflows etc. This will then be a calculated monthly cost on a case by case basis on top of the licensing charge.

Yes, but who you speak with depends on whether you are purchasing directly from us or one of our valued partners. Please contact your sales representative, or if you aren't sure give us a call and we'll make sure you get what you need. We offer services for things like advanced integrations, multi system dashboard reporting, advanced migration needs, and more.s.

SharePortals uses SharePoint 365 to store your information. At the very least you require to have in place a basic SharePoint Plan. SharePoint 365 is included with every Microsoft 365 license. If you are using the Outlook add-in you require a license for Outlook 365, which is also included with every Microsoft 365 package.

All information you input into SharePortals is stored in your own Microsoft 365 tenant. Betasoft has no access to or visibility of your information.