All features are available within the product, however there are limits for the number of users, records, record types, integrations, and dashboards.

If your organisation is just getting started there is no reason you can't use our product without spending a penny. All we ask is that you provide us with your valuable feedback!

No catch! Unless you consider us asking for feedback as a catch. We value customer feedback immensely, more than the cost of a couple of user licenses. It's also important to us to help out small start-ups and give them access to a fully functional system with no strings.

From a licensing perspective there is no difference! What you get with a professional licensing package is services from Betasoft like training, phone support, implementation etc. If you're techy, have the time, and know the Office 365 platform really well (in particular SharePoint Online), or you are an implementation partner, you're probably good to use the standard licensing plan.

In terms of product add-on costs and so on, there are no additional purchases to use any of the product features. For organisations who desire services which are handled through the Professional tier, there is also an option to bundle our professional services for a monthly entitlement. This could be for providing a managed service to make any changes on an on-going basis, building and managing Power Automate workflows etc. This will then be a calculated monthly cost on a case by case basis on top of the licensing charge.

Yes, but who you speak with depends on whether you are purchasing directly from us or one of our valued partners. Please contact your sales representative, or if you aren't sure give us a call and we'll make sure you get what you need. We offer services for things like advanced integrations, multi system dashboard reporting, advanced migration needs, and more.s.

This is not possible. You can decide how many users are licensed, but for your organisation you must select a level.

We charge per user / instance, however we do offer a 50% discount for organisations who desire multiple instances of SharePortals for the same users. If for example the same user were licensed to use a Sales CRM template, and also a custom template to implement HR, that user charge will be 1.5x the license cost for their tier.