Community Case Management Services Ltd (CCMS) is a specialist provider of case management for the rehabilitation of severely injured adults and children throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide.  CCMS provides quality-of-life solutions for a wide range of clients who have suffered catastrophic / complex and life-changing injuries such as acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury or loss of limb. CCMS case managers support their clients who have a high level of complex clinical and rehabilitation needs and ensure that they are encouraged and given the opportunity to live their lives to the full.

CCMS were using a variety of spreadsheets to manage the processes around recruitment of staff and volunteers. As the charity grew, the volumes in recruitment grew Excel became a bottleneck. Increased working from home meant that a document-based approach to process management was no longer practical.

On top of the impracticalities there was the issue of security and data protection. Storing sensitive information on individual laptops puts it risk of easy loss or theft and the charity on collision course with regulators.

CLOUD-BASED, SECURE and easy to use

The Solution

What was needed was simple, cloud-based solution that can be customised to manage the CCMS recruitment data and processes.

As the charity had already adopted Microsoft 365 services and licensing it followed that a solution that was ‘native’ to the service would provide maximum interoperability and integration with 365.

SharePortals now delivers cloud-based recruitment processes that are secure, compliant and convenient. The HR team can work from anywhere using this browser based solution, whilst confident that all the data is stored securely. Collaboration with  colleagues provides for better productivity.

Users love the ease by which they can use Outlook to save emails and attachments to this service.