Streamline Microsoft 365 Information Management with SharePortals

An accessible, unique EDRMS for Microsoft 365, powered by SharePoint under the hood, with an experience users will love to use.

  • Completely new, easy-to-use interface for end users
  • Manage and organise large volumes of information
  • Automate business processes
  • Ensure compliance with data security and regulatory requirements
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Explore just some of the benefits of using SharePortals with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.


SharePortals transforms the creation and management of large volumes of records, and the relationships between them, from a frustration to a pleasure through its modern, intuitive and customisable interface.


Leverage SharePoint to create and manage your documents, and take advantage of SharePortals’ advanced features, such as templates, tags, version history, document merging, export and more.


Automate your business processes by creating and executing SharePortals’ own internal workflows, or use Microsoft Power Automate to create advanced automations that can be read and executed by SharePortals when one or more conditions are met.


Whether you use SharePortals to create documents, emails and files, or whether you upload existing ones, you can rest assured your files are stored in a single, secure, compliant and auditable location.


Send, receive and import email in SharePortals by connecting your Microsoft 365 mailbox. You can also install our Microsoft Outlook add-in and link emails to SharePortals records all from within Outlook.


Create and manage tasks using SharePortals’ built-in task management capability, including Kanban, or if you need to work with a wider team that includes non-SharePortals users, you can integrate with familiar tools; Planner and To Do.

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“This is such a great product for dealing with those business workflows that can’t fit into off the shelf solutions. Being built on Sharepoint you get M365 integration out of the box and of course you can get really creative with Power Automation. There is very little you can’t do!! Some examples we use it for are Patient and Donor Record Management, Recruitment Applications, Enquiries, and HR records.”

Toby Wilson – IT Manager CCMS and Maggie Sargent & Associates

Example Use Cases

Contact Management

Manage all the data that flows between you and your contacts in one place.

Simple CRM

Add all the data between you and your customers in one place. Manage deals with stages, boards, and charts.

Case Management

Add compliance to your data, keeping everything together in one place for each case. Add processes to manage the case lifecycle.

HR Records

Manage the onboarding of staff or contractors with processes. Comply with regulatory requirements for GDPR. Centrally control document templates and performance journals.

Projects / Jobs

Create process structure around projects or jobs, leveraging Microsoft Teams templates with a layer above to centrally control and managing the data for each project.

Contract Management

Keep track of all your contracts and communications, adding workflow tasks, reminders, and using charts to make sure you don't miss a thing.

SharePortals – your one-stop-shop for all your document management needs. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how we can help streamline your business processes.