Streamline Information Management for Any Organisation with SharePortals


Here are some common use cases for SharePortals that can be found across multiple industries:

HR Records

  • Manage employee records, track time off, and streamline HR workflows
  • Ensure HR information is up-to-date and in line with legal requirements
  • Facilitate better communication between HR and employees
  • Keep HR information secure and confidential
  • Create custom HR forms, reports, and templates

Customer Management

  • Centralize customer data for easy access
  • Enhance customer communication through integrated communication tools
  • Streamline customer service processes with automated workflows
  • Improve customer insights through data analysis and reporting
  • Foster stronger customer relationships through personalized interactions

Contact Management

  • Centralize contact information for easy access and sharing
  • Automate contact data entry and updates
  • Manage contact interactions and communication history
  • Easily categorize and search for contacts
  • Ensure data accuracy with real-time updates and alerts

Contracts & Agreements

  • Streamline contract creation and approval processes
  • Centralize and organize all contract-related documents
  • Ensure compliance with company and legal standards
  • Enhance collaboration and communication between contract stakeholders
  • Automate contract expiration and renewal reminders

Invoice & Expenses

  • Streamline invoice and expense tracking
  • Improve accuracy with centralized document storage
  • Save time with easy search and retrieval
  • Enhance collaboration with shared access to financial documents
  • Reduce manual workload with automated approval processes

Project Management

  • Streamline project documentation and communication
  • Efficiently track and manage project tasks
  • Easily collaborate with team members and stakeholders
  • Improve project visibility and accountability
  • Enhance project decision-making with data-driven insights