Within the SharePoint native experience, an entity is a combination of a Document Library and a default Document Set Content Type added to the library. When creating a new record within SharePortals, you are creating a new Document Set Content Type item, and this item is being created within the Document Library.

When creating a new entity through the SharePortals administration interface, the following steps occur automatically:

1. A Document Library is generated with the name of the entity specified
2. A new Content Type is created, which inherits from the Content Type SharePortals Base Entity, which itself inherits from the Content Type Document Set
3. The newly created Content Type is associated with the Document Library.
4. The Document Library is added to the SharePortals Navigation configuration

This page deals with step 2 in the above process, but an experienced administrator will then need to ensure the other steps are carried out to complete the process.

Create Content Type

Click Create content type and a modal should appear. Name the content type something appropriate such as Internal Project (use the singular). Aside from the name and the description, the other values must be set as follows to work properly within the SharePortals application:


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