CRM is a great tool to have, but could it be better?

As part of the fundamental purpose of creating and maintaining records, CRM software also provides extended functionality. However, generally speaking, the level of built in capability can leave a lot to be desired. Many might recall a situation where you couldn’t quite generate the report you wanted. Or perhaps you wanted to trigger a specific action once a task had been completed, but couldn’t?

Organisations using Microsoft Office 365 have the opportunity to enjoy access to a much richer CRM feature set that overcomes shortcomings like these. Adopting a CRM tool leverages the tried and trusted technologies already present within Office 365, unlocking a much more powerful CRM toolset.

A Native Integration Add-In CRM maximises the enhancement. Providing the closest possible level of integration, this approach enables users to be more efficient, obtain greater control and get more done.

Enjoy better reporting, workflow and security

Three areas of fundamental importance where this can be easily realised are in reporting, workflow management and security.

  • Reporting – Power BI for reporting gives you practically unlimited customisation options to obtain reports that enable you to uncover meaningful insights. Compare this with most 3rd party CRM systems which have built their own limited reporting capability.
  • Workflow management – Power Automate for workflow, has well over 300 integration connectors, and growing! These are built by organisations who want their product to work closely with Microsoft products, such as Teams, which is a pivotal component of a collaborative workflow. Contrast this with the restricted workflow and integration features built-in by 3rd party CRM vendors.
  • Security – SharePoint for storage and security, has rock-solid credentials when it comes to key security elements such as creating and managing permission scopes data and retrieving the audit trail for documents. Consider the issues raised when you use a 3rd party CRM that has no permission handling and no ability to configure basic user groups.

Get more from CRM with SharePortals Office 365 integration

Betasoft SharePortals is a Native Integration Add-In that puts CRM right there in Office 365. This means SharePortals is able to inherit core technologies that are central to Office 365, joining up the dots of components such as Power BI, Power Automate and SharePoint Security.
Switching to SharePortals allows organisations to overcome issues about restricted reporting, customisation and integration, as well as automation, storage and auditing that are often associated with 3rd party CRM applications.

Just visit our pricing page to see how SharePortals compares with the cost of your existing CRM.