CRM that complements Office 365 perfectly

Everything you need right there in Office 365 to deliver the journey today’s customers expect. Plug in and inherit the benefits of the world’s most widely used productivity platform.

Organise & Plan

CRM Data Import

Load records direct from spreadsheets, or use scripts to import more complex information, such as activity data and documents.

Custom Entities & Fields

Make CRM work the way you want by adding or modifying existing fields to documents, accounts, and opportunities and more. or even create your own entity.

Document Storage

Betasoft SharePortals CRM in the Microsoft Cloud allows you to store up to 30 million records in each container within your Office 365 account.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks across your entire team, either related or unrelated to CRM records, to better manage any type of activity.


Build workflows using Microsoft Power Automate to initiate on a schedule, when records are created, or directly from the interface.

Mobile Apps

Create mobile apps to interact with CRM data for a variety of scenarios, including dealing with offline scenarios.

Sales Lifecycle

Manage Leads

Add leads manually or automatically from a variety of sources, qualify, and convert to opportunities.

Manage Contacts

Store people and companies and track interactions all in one place, within your Office 365 account.

Manage Opportunities

Track activity across all of your opportunities and manage pipeline progress and opportunity ownership.

Kanban View

Visualise opportunity pipelines to quickly view stages and total value per stage by simple drag ‘n’ drop.

Order Management

Create and add documents for quotes, orders, invoices, contracts and more and store and link them to CRM records.

Productivity & Insight


See all of the tasks assigned to you and view any recent activity by yourself or others on records you own.

E-mail Templates

Create emails quickly by using templates to compose frequently repeated content and auto associate with a contact or company.

Document Templates

Unlimited support for creating as many document templates as you require within your Office 365 account.

E-mail Integrations

Send emails, auto-associate to records and save existing messages from your mailbox with a single click, right out of the box.

Social Media Record & Business Insights

Get more soft intelligence for contacts and companies as well as your business with social media insights all within the CRM.

Charts and Reports

Use the built-in customiable charts for useful CRM insights, or use Power BI for free to integrate with datasets outside the CRM such as finance systems.

Security & Compliance

Single Sign-On

Seamless access to CRM features without the need to log on again once you are signed into Office 365.


Require internal or external users to authenticate to access a shared document, and digitally capture signatures using add-on services.


Tightly control access with granular role-based permissions for different types of resources, right down to individual records or documents.

Data Retention

Secure management of all data within the CRM using advanced Office 365 auditing, searching, and retention policy management.

GDPR Dashboard

GDPR compliance capabilities let you track requests and breaches, and search CRM and Office 365 storage, emails and conversations.

Mobility & Collaboration

Teams CRM Button

Integrated workspace chat and videoconferencing with direct access to Betasoft SharePortals CRM from within the Microsoft Teams interface.

Teams Meetings

Schedule Teams meetings against records stored in the CRM.

Custom Mobile Apps

Increase mobile and remote working capabilities by using PowerApps to create No-Code custom apps for iOS and Android devices.

Automation & API


Use Power Automate to create buttons for starting or scheduling workflows, or for automating actions when data is added or modified.

Sharepoint Syntex

Automatically collect and extract data from any documents or images stored within the CRM, for example extract data from invoices including headers, dates, total, and line-item data to simplify payment processes.

Mailchimp Marketing Integration

Mailchimp integration lets you see contact insights, sync contacts, and manage them from your CRM

Powerful API

Boost collaboration by providing access to items such as site collections, lists, libraries and files with SharePoint API or Office 365 Graph.

Xero Finance Integration

Xero integration lets you gain invoice insights, link contacts, and manage quotes